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"I used to feel invisible. Now I feel VISIBLE."

VIP [VALUED IMPORTANT PERSON] engages with some of the most vulnerable young people in the city, those who may be facing extremely challenging circumstances and those living in abject poverty and difficult family situations. These young people struggle with low self-esteem, contend with multiple barriers to learning and achieving, can be displaced, live in all types of deprivation, are coping with a terminal illness in the family, family breakdown, health issues, addiction and other issues that leave them feeling isolated and which affects their ability to feel motivated and significantly limits their aspirations. 



VIP: LOVE provides 121 ‘intentional acts of kindness’ to some of the city’s most vulnerable and marginalised young people aged 11 and over. This experience aims to demonstrate that they matter, to give value, to raise aspirations, to promote positive social experiences, to create positive memories, and to leave a positive legacy in the life of the young person who is identified as ‘in need’ or at risk’. 

Some examples of our activities are:

Outings and day trips to places such as outdoor activity centres, nature trails, shopping experiences, the cinema, afternoon tea, animal farms, etc

• Pamper sessions and personal grooming experiences

• Experiences such as recording studio sessions

• Practical Prom experiences including providing dresses/suits, accessories and transport.


We also deliver fun activities, develop confidence & help them experience new things and make them feel positive about themselves and their futures. We also provide practical assistance and items such as clothing, toiletries & food.

Please click on the form below to review the criteria & make an introduction.



Valued Important Person

Many of these young people live in significantly deprived areas and in homes with extreme social and economic challenges, challenging and often traumatic circumstances, often leaving them with extremely low self-esteem, in some cases suicidal, lacking in confidence, self-worth and aspiration, and very often feeling isolated from friends and social circles. Not only are these young people dealing with some of the most difficult and heart-breaking emotional, mental and life circumstances, the majority are also living in abject poverty, in homes and in bedrooms that are in some cases unfit for living. Through VIP, we see some of the worst of the worst living conditions for young with some not even having carpets on the floor or a bed to sleep on.

VIP#MR CRIB bedroom makeovers ( & practical acts of kindness & support) give young people the chance to feel special, to feel valued, and listened to – that ‘they matter’ and that they are worth it. This is possible because we spend valuable time alongside them & ‘with them’ repurposing their bedroom space (& in some cases their siblings & parent(s) in need also) to infuse Hope & positivity  - creating a psychologically informed environment. 


Please click on the form below to review the criteria & make an introduction.



For our postal service "Red Letters" affirmation subscription, click the button below. (Girls 11 - 18)


RUFF & RUBY Youth Charity promotes positive self-esteem & aspirations in young people to be

‘the best version of themselves’.



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